All New Mountain Bike Trails At Falls Creek

All new Mountain Bike trails at Falls Creek are radiating out further and faster throughout the resort every day that goes by.

Today saw an exciting start of construction on a long descending trail, high on the far side of Frying Pan Spur. Head designer, Rhys Atkinson and a solid trail crew are forging headlong into the dramatic and stunning high country landscape.

Due to the extremely sensitive and rare alpine environment above the tree-line, a very old existing link trail has been absorbed within the trail network, to get riders across the ridge to where the trail starts to descend.

The environment is so sensitive and ridge so remote, none of our on-ground machinery could transport the solid base material needed to stabilise the trail, so more creative means were used to deliver the material effectively.

In the coming months, many more new trails will be opened to the public, only complimenting the existing Mountain Bike network. More designs and alignments are rolling out around the resort, ready for the 2015-2016 Summer season.

All in all making Falls Creek the newest Alpine resort to add to the list of a “must ride” destinations in Australia.

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