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Trail Crew Coordinator

Trail Crew Coordinator
A career of adventure

Position Description

The Trail Crew Coordinator is the go-to person for the Project’s construction team. The Trail Crew Coordinator must respect, understand, and deliver directives from the Lead Trail Designer, Lead Machine Operators and Project Manager. The Trail Crew Coordinator will be expected to motivate and energize the construction team, while maintaining a high level of professionalism. The Trail Crew Coordinator is expected to be a role model and encourage compliance with the company Code Of Conduct. The Trail Crew Coordinator will be expected to interact with and receive information from Client(s) on matters associated with the project. Day to day interaction with the Project Manager is essential to ensure continuity of the project is maintained. The Trail Crew Coordinator is responsible for implementing and undertaking the construction activities as directed by the Trail Designer and/or Lead Operators, usually through the delegation of duties to other team members. The Trail Crew Coordinator is expected to be the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Goals & Objectives

  • To assist the Lead Trail Designer, Lead Machine Operators and Project Manager to ensure high quality, sustainable trail outcomes;
  • Responsible for site Workplace Health and Safety (WPHS) standards, training, and compliance
  • Ensure all trail crew understand and respect directives from management and trail designers;
  • To ensure a safe, productive workplace for all employees;
  • To act as a conduit between the site and the Project Manager;
  • To act as a point of contact for onsite meetings with the Client when directed by the Project Manager or requested by the Client(s);
  • To ensure that company vehicles, equipment, machines, and tools are maintained to a professional standard;
  • To always liaise with the public and clients in a professional way;
  • Be always contactable during business hours;
  • People management is a critical element of this role;
  • Be a trained Health and Safety Representative (HSR) for the site;
  • Ensure all company polices and systems are effectively being implemented and managed on site e.g. (ISO Compliance, I auditor);
  • Undertake trail building tasks with the trail building team if required.
  • Manage the onsite invoicing processes, variation tracking and identification.
  • Have an understanding the construction contract and the mechanisms that are relevant to onsite works and expectations.
  • Have an understanding of the approved project CEMP conditions and the ability to implement and manage accordingly.


  • Facilitate daily toolbox meetings and reporting of meetings to head office.
  • Oversee training of all new construction crew;
  • Lead by example, engaging all trail crew in a professional manner;
  • At the start of the day, liaise with Project Manager and Machine Operators to identify the daily work program and set time limits for various tasks within that program;
  • Work with the trail crew to deliver the given tasks, within the allocated timeframe;
  • Ensure that all finished trail meets high standards for quality and sturdiness (i.e. soil properly compacted, rock armouring is solid and won’t move, batters cut back etc.);
  • Check daily and weekly weather forecast prior to work commencing and notify staff of expected conditions;
  • Ensure that trail crew members rotate through different tasks to reduce fatigue and maintain morale;
  • At the end of the day, ensure daily metres cut by the Operators is communicated to head office;
  • Be responsible for all equipment and tool whereabouts within the workspace;
  • Monitor, manage and execute machinery servicing in line with manufacturers recommendations;
  • Monitor, manage, maintain and streamline procurement of consumables to ensure continuity of work;
  • Participate in and lead daily toolbox meetings. Encourage others to lead daily toolbox meetings and observe quality and efficiency of meetings;
  • Report any performance issues of staff to senior management;
  • Involvement in staff performance feedback and reviews.

Additional information

Why work at World Trail?

Joining World Trail means becoming part of a passionate team dedicated to innovation, sustainability, and excellence in trail design and construction. We value creativity, hard work, and a deep respect for nature. At World Trail, you’ll have the opportunity to work on world-class projects, develop your skills, and contribute to creating lasting outdoor experiences. Embrace the challenge and make a meaningful impact with us.

Our values

Shaping our behaviours & organisational culture

Every person on the World Trail team is involved with trails on a personal and professional level. Our core strength derives itself from each and every member of the team’s emotional attachment to nature.


We are building a sustainable legacy for the future of mountain biking and the communities that it enriches - we understand how trails need to be sustainably built and incorporated thoughtfully into the landscape.


We are fostering respect for the environment through trail experiences, connecting the world through trails and making better places to live one trail at a time.


We focus on outcomes and understand the positive change that happens as a result of the trails we build. We constantly strive to develop new methods, ideas and trail products.


We love what we do – we are passionate and believe in connecting the world through the trails we build.

A career of adventure

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Working with World Trail will include:
  • Working outdoors in heat, cold and rain;
  • Long periods standing;
  • Heavy lifting;
  • Bending/twisting/squatting;
  • Use of power tools;
  • Driving a manual vehicle;
  • Loading and unloading vehicles and power carriers;
  • Lifting items of awkward size and shape;
  • Walking long distances carrying equipment.
Employees who knowingly supply false or misleading information, will not be entitled to compensation under the Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 (the Act), for any event that aggravates the non-disclosed pre-existing injury or condition.
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