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We’re paving the way for sustainable solutions and innovative trail design.


We live and breath trails - it's what we do

Our founders, Dylan Jeffries and Glen Jacobs, have dedicated their careers to building a legacy for the future of mountain biking and the communities it enriches. With a deep understanding of sustainable trail-building practices and a commitment to innovation, they’ve fostered a culture of respect and sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

Our values are the foundation of our work. We believe in creating sustainable solutions that promote respect for the environment and enhance the lives of the communities we work with. Our team of experts shares our commitment to sustainability and innovation, working tirelessly to create trails that are enjoyable to ride and considerate of the natural surroundings.

What sets us apart is our passion for connecting the world through trails. We understand the importance of integrating with the natural landscape and how our trail networks can enrich the lives of communities. We’re not just building trails; we’re building connections and uniting people through their shared love for nature, adventure, and pushing boundaries.

Our World Class team

Setting the standard for trail building excellence around the globe

As trail builders, we’re driven by a deep passion for nature and the desire to share its beauty and excitement with others. For us, building trails is not just about constructing paths but creating experiences that connect people with the environment around them. We understand that the journey is just as important as the destination, and we strive to design trails that challenge, inspire, and reward those who venture along them. Our work is not just a job but a calling to preserve and protect the natural world while promoting outdoor recreation’s physical, mental, and emotional benefits. We’re driven by a sense of purpose that transcends profit and personal gain, and our commitment to creating sustainable and innovative trails is a testament to our unwavering dedication to our craft.

Our team of experts shares this passion for trail building and is composed of experienced and qualified professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to every project we undertake.

Civil Engineer

BEng(Civil), Registered Professional Engineer (RPEQ) – Civil (16161)

Business Management and Marketing

BBus(Mktg, Mgt)

Environmental Scientist

BEnvSc, MEnvMgt (Policy & Planning)

Environmental Scientist

BEnvSc (Botany), GDip(LArch)

Environmental Planning


Registered Landscape Architect

(AILA) - BAppSc(BuiltEnv), GDip(LArch)

Electrical and Electronic Engineer

BEng(Elec, Electronic)

Health and Safety Representative


Soil and Sediment Controller


Stakeholder and Community Engagement Specialist

IAP2 Certified

Branding, Signage, & Graphic Design

Certificate III in Signs and Graphics

Glen Jacobs

Director, World Trail

Dylan Jeffries

Director, World Trail
Glen Jacobs - Director, World Trail

Dylan Jeffries

Director, World Trail
Dylan Jeffies - Director, World Trail

Gerard Mchugh

General Manager

Rhys Atkinson

Lead Machine Operator

Daniel Snelgrove

Managing Director

Max Connor

Lead Machine Operator
A legacy paved with passion

Our heritage in trail design

Before World Trail was formed, our founder, Glen Jacobs, was already leaving his mark on the mountain biking world. As the globe’s first professional race track designer contracted to the UCI, Glen’s groundbreaking work began in the mid-90s, stemming from his involvement in Cairns. His designs shaped the evolution of dual slalom into 4-cross, transforming the competition from a duel between two riders to an adrenaline-pumping race amongst four. His expertise extended beyond trail design to developing World Cup downhill and cross-country tracks, and even scouting ideal locations for these world-class events.

Glen’s influence spanned continents, lending his skills and vision to projects across Europe, Japan, South Africa, Norway, Slovenia, Canada, Australia, and the USA. His unique perspectives were also captured on film in his wildly successful video series, “Mud Cows.”

Enter Dylan Jeffries. Introduced to Glen around 2002 through a mutual friend, Dylan’s love for filming and a keen business acumen were quickly apparent. Their collaboration saw them sift through mountains of “Mud Cows” footage, reworking it into hilarious submissions for the TV series “Australia’s Funniest Home Videos,” and securing some impressive wins in the process. This partnership eventually led to the creation of “The Chosen Line,” a TV series that followed their bus-fueled adventures across Australia, riding with the country’s top mountain bikers and capturing their exploits on film.

It was during the filming of “The Chosen Line” that World Trail’s first incarnation took root. Called upon to design and build a four-cross track in Armidale, Glen’s creative genius and Dylan’s business administration prowess paved the way for a successful partnership. Their next endeavour was creating a mountain biking destination in Forrest, Victoria, where they worked closely with Gerard McHugh, who would later join the team as the company’s first employee and now Australia’s most experienced trail planner.

The team expanded with the addition of gun rider and excavator guru Rhys Atkinson, and as the crew grew, so did the company’s ambitions. Next on the scene was a young Max Connor, who quickly climbed the ranks and displayed a unique flair with his trail shapes and creativity. As the industry grew and matured, we quickly identified a need to diversify into urban spaces where we envisaged the boom in asphalt pumps and urban bike parks. Enter Daniel Snelgrove, Civil Engineer, into the company, where he would singlehandedly shape this space, setting new standards with his unique skill set and attention to detail.

Originally known as “Mud Cow Visions,” the company later adopted the name World Trail, embodying our aspiration to influence the global mountain biking scene. With a track record of over 500 projects in more than 20 countries, the World Trail brand has emerged as a standard in the industry.

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Our values

Shaping our behaviours & organisational culture

Every person on the World Trail team is involved with trails on a personal and professional level. Our core strength derives itself from each and every member of the team’s emotional attachment to nature.


We are building a sustainable legacy for the future of mountain biking and the communities that it enriches - we understand how trails need to be sustainably built and incorporated thoughtfully into the landscape.


We are fostering respect for the environment through trail experiences, connecting the world through trails and making better places to live one trail at a time.


We focus on outcomes and understand the positive change that happens as a result of the trails we build. We constantly strive to develop new methods, ideas and trail products.


We love what we do – we are passionate and believe in connecting the world through the trails we build.

Our achievements

Shaping the future of mountain biking

Our achievements in the mountain biking industry are of the highest level. From designing and constructing world-class competitive mountain bike courses for prestigious events to pioneering Destination Development, our impact extends far beyond the trails we build. Our commitment to excellence has earned us recognition on the global stage, including industry accolades and partnerships with leading brands. Our transformative approach has revitalised towns and created thriving mountain biking destinations. 

Explore our achievements and discover our impact on the global mountain biking community.

Our accreditations

We're proud to hold several professional industry accreditations & certifications

Atlas Certifications (ISO9001. ISO14001, ISO45001)
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