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World Trail specialise in creating global Mountain Bike Destinations.

A proven destination model

Creating unforgettable destinations

We’re about creating experiences and, more importantly, transforming destinations. With our trailblazing spirit and a knack for innovation, we’ve expanded our reach beyond mere trail construction. We are proud pioneers in Destination Development, a unique service we’ve honed to perfection, fondly termed “Trail Towns”.

Our Destination Model serves as our blueprint in this transformative journey. This comprehensive tool uses six key criteria, each with several layers, to thoroughly evaluate the potential social, economic, and tourism benefits a trail network could bring to a location. It’s a holistic approach beyond just trails—it’s about nurturing communities, stimulating economies, and putting towns on the global mountain biking map.

Creating the Perfect Ride Destination: Our Six-Stage Destination Model

Embarking on a journey with World Trail, you are not merely building trails but orchestrating a symphony of culture, competition, and tourism. Our proven Six-Stage Destination Model guides us to creating iconic trail towns that blend seamlessly into the landscape, elevating experiences while fostering sustainable, connected, and vibrant communities.

We’ve transformed quiet towns like Derby in Tasmania into bustling mountain biking destinations, contributing an estimated $15 million annually to the local economy. As we set our sights on Høgevarde, Norway, we aim to replicate this success, ushering in another transformative era in the world of mountain biking. 

Here’s how we do it:


Our trails become the lifeblood of the community, enabling connection at both local and global scales. We prioritise ride experiences that transcend borders, cultivating a shared culture of adventure. The convenience of trailheads, access to population centres, and proximity to airports ensure easy accessibility. This sets the stage for a smooth ride that culminates in a jubilant finish.

Natural Features

We believe that trails should amplify the beauty of nature, not detract from it. Each trail is crafted to highlight the unique elements of the local landscape, be it the serene whisper of lakes, the majestic peaks of mountains, or the vibrant display of native flora and fauna. By integrating these picturesque sights, we create unforgettable experiences that inspire social connections and generate Instagram-worthy moments.

Quality Trails

Sustainability and professionalism form the backbone of our trail design. We carefully construct trails that require minimal maintenance while offering a wide range of diverse options. Our trail catalogue caters to all, from 15% beginner-friendly routes to 70% intermediate challenges and 15% advanced paths, ensuring all riders end their journey with a fulfilling sense of achievement and a smile on their faces.

Pubs, Cafes & Accommodation

To create an immersive trail experience, integrate welcoming accommodations and bustling pubs into the designs. We believe that mountain bikers should feel right at home, whether sipping coffee at the trail's start or sharing a celebratory beer at the finish line. A broad array of lodging options allows for a convenient and comfortable stay, right on the trails.

Progressive Expansion

Each of our trail towns grows organically, thriving on the proactive participation of stakeholders and the community. We avoid 'landlocked islands' and instead, foster opportunities for business precincts around a central piazza or core precinct, sparking economic vitality and expanding community horizons.

Event Overlays

Every trail town we develop is primed for world-class events. Our design considerations include effective communication, emergency access, outside broadcast zones, and event precincts. The pulsating heart of our trail towns – the main event village, culminates each trail experience with an unforgettable finish line on the main street.

A proven model for success

Revitalising towns through trail magic

One of our most successful implementations of the Destination Model is the internationally recognised Ride Blue Derby in Tasmania. What was once a quiet town is now a thriving mountain biking destination, all thanks to our strategic planning and development. We meticulously designed and built over 100km of purpose-built mountain bike trails, effectively breathing new life into the area.

From an initial investment of $3.1 million, the benefits have been nothing short of staggering:

  • The project now stimulates an estimated $15 million per annum in economic activity for the region and a massive $30 million per annum for the state of Tasmania.
  • With an annual rider count of around 50,000 and an average visitor stay of 4-5 nights, the impact on local tourism has been significant.
  • Plus, the prestige of hosting the internationally acclaimed Enduro World Series in 2017, 2019, and 2022 has cemented Ride Blue Derby’s place on the global stage.

But we’re not stopping at Derby. Our sights are now set on Høgevarde in Norway, where we’re looking to replicate our success and establish another world-class biking destination. The Destination Model is in action, paving the way for another exciting transformation. Stay tuned to see how we’re shaping the future of mountain biking, one trail town at a time.

Journey through our trail building legacy

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