World Trail

Stakeholder &
community engagement

At the heart of every trail we design and construct are the communities.

Fostering Connections, Enhancing Lives

Our Philosophy – A Community-Centred Approach

We measure the success of our projects not merely by the quality of the finished trails but by their positive ripple effect within the community.

We passionately create spaces that benefit all trail users while enriching the lives of the locals. Our philosophy of community-centred trail creation underpins all our work, leading us to develop trails that are more than just tracks – they become shared paths that bring people closer together and boost local pride.

Transparent, Respectful, and Collaborative

Our approach to community engagement hinges on three essential principles: transparency, communication, and mutual respect.

We recognise that locals have an intimate knowledge of their landscape, an understanding which is invaluable to our trail design. We make a conscious effort to listen, understand, and appreciate the unique perspectives of the community. This collaborative approach guides our trail design, fostering spaces that are not only sustainable and safe but that truly resonate with the community’s needs and aspirations.

We are proud to include an IAP2-certified engagement specialist within our ranks. This specialist’s role is to design engagement plans that effectively resonate with the community, using both traditional and contemporary methods. From face-to-face town hall meetings to innovative digital platforms for surveys and social pinpointing, we strive to provide a voice to everyone. Our engagement specialist ensures all perspectives are captured, providing a rich, diverse array of insights that shape our trail development.

Your Trails, Your Say

A Partnership with the Community

At the heart of our process is the local community.

We believe that the best trail systems are the ones that reflect the shared vision of the people they serve. So, we encourage an open dialogue with community members throughout the planning and development process. Feedback on proposed alignments, ideas for trail features, potential uses, and local insights – we welcome them all.

It’s through this shared effort that we can create trails that truly serve and enhance the local community.

The impact

More than just a trail

Through engaging with the community, we strive to create trails that go beyond recreational use.

Our trails aim to provide a positive social impact, fostering a sense of belonging, encouraging outdoor activity, and providing a platform for local events.

By working together, we can shape trails that become integral to the local landscape – trails that inspire, empower, and bring joy to all users today and for generations to come.