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Our achievements

Our key achievements are of the highest level within the industry



We’re not just trail builders; we’re trailblazers. Our expertise in crafting competitive courses that challenge and excite athletes has been recognised on the global stage.

Over the years, we’ve been entrusted with designing and constructing world-class competitive mountain bike courses, including those used for prestigious events like the Enduro World Series, UCI World Championships, and Crankworx. Our courses aren’t just tracks; they’re experiences that test skill, endurance, and fortitude, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in mountain biking. From conceptualisation to construction, we meticulously design every element to meet the exacting standards of international competition while ensuring a thrilling ride that resonates with the unique features of the local landscape.

Our competitive courses are more than venues; they are the arenas where athletes make history.

A tour of the world's best

Major mountain biking events we've been involved in

From the rugged terrain of Italy to the scenic landscapes of Japan, and from the historic Sydney 2000 Olympic Cross-Country Course to every UCI World Cup and World Championship track on Aussie soil, we’ve carved our mark into the world of mountain biking. With a fusion of grit, creativity and precision, we’ve shaped courses worldwide in countries including Spain, Austria, France, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, Slovenia, South Africa, Belgium, the USA, Germany, and the UK. Our global footprint is a testament to our commitment to crafting world-class experiences for riders, wherever they may be.

We’ve worked with esteemed organisations and have been trusted with some of the world’s most renowned cycling events. We’re honoured to have played our part in the following prestigious events:

Olympic Games

Olympic Mountain Biking, established in the 1996 Atlanta Games, is the epitome of elite cross-country biking. It gathers the world’s top riders to conquer demanding courses, showcasing their endurance, skill, and strategy. This globally-watched event highlights the sport’s physicality and excitement, making it a captivating spectacle for sports lovers.

Our involvement

Glen Jacobs and the World Trail team designed the courses for the following events:

  • Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Cross Country (XC) course
  • Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games Cross Country (XCO) course

UCI Mountain Bike Enduro World Cup

The UCI Mountain Bike Enduro World Cup (EDR), formerly the Enduro World Series (EWS), is the apex of enduro racing, drawing global biking elites. This event, which calls for exceptional endurance, agility, and strategy, spans worldwide, bringing competitors to diverse and challenging terrains.

Our involvement

The World Trail team designed the courses for the following events:

  • 2017, (EWS) Derby TAS
  • 2019, (EWS) Derby TAS
  • 2023, Derby TAS

UCI Mountain Bike World Cup

The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup is a globally celebrated series with participants from seasoned champions to rising stars. Drawing millions of international spectators, it sets high standards on diverse, challenging terrains, testing riders’ endurance, skill, and bravery.

Our involvement

Glen Jacobs and the World Trail team have designed every UCI World Cup course ever held in Australia:

  • 1994 & 1995, Cairns, QLD
  • 2008, Stromlo Forest Park, ACT
  • 2014, Cairns, QLD
  • 2016, Cairns, QLD

UCI Mountain Bike World Championships

The annual UCI Mountain Bike World Championships is a prime event where the world’s top riders compete for the prestigious rainbow jerseys. It’s a legendary stage that defines careers and crowns champions across disciplines like Downhill, Cross-Country, and Enduro.

Our involvement

Glen Jacobs and the World Trail team have designed every UCI World Championship course ever held in Australia:

  • 1996, Cairns, QLD (first event ever held outside of Europe or North America)
  • 2009, Stromlo Forest Park, ACT
  • 2017, Cairns, QLD

Crankworx World Tour

Crankworx World Tour is a yearly top-tier mountain biking festival uniting pros, up-and-comers, and fans across gravity, dual slalom, and slopestyle contests. Held in renowned biking spots like Rotorua, Innsbruck, Cairns, and Whistler, Crankworx attracts global audiences and media, standing as a vibrant celebration of mountain bike culture.

Our involvement

The World Trail team was involved in the design, and managed the construction of the courses for the following events:

  • 2022, Cairns, QLD
  • 2023, Cairns, QLD
World-class tracks for elite athletes

Our awards

In the world of mountain biking, we’ve pushed boundaries, fueled passions, and raised the bar for trail innovation and design. Our team’s unwavering dedication has been recognized both locally and internationally, underlining our commitment to the sport and to our community. These accolades represent the transformative power of our work and our relentless pursuit of excellence.

Great Ocean Road Coastal Trail, Victoria

AILA Landscape Architecture Award Winners 2023,
Victorian Landscape Planning:

  • Award of Excellence
  • Regional Achievement Award

Great Ocean Road Coastal Trail, Victoria

AILA Landscape Architecture Award Winners 2023,
National Landscape Planning:

  • Award of Excellence
  • Regional Achievement Award

St Helens Mountain Bike Trails, Tasmania

MTBA Power of Partnership Award with Break O’Day Council and Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Services

Mt Buller, Victoria

Awarded Australia’s only International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) ‘Epic Trail’ - the Australian Alps Epic at Mt Buller, Victoria

Derby, Tasmania

2019 International Trail of the Year, Enduro World Series, for our innovative design

Gladstone Pump Track, Queensland

2017 Parks and Leisure Queensland Playspace Award

Derby, Tasmania

2017 International Trail of the Year, Enduro World Series for our innovative design

Earning acclaim on the global stage

Industry recognition

In the world of trail crafting, our impact extends far beyond the trails we build. Our team’s commitment to excellence and innovation has carved our place in the industry, earning us respect and recognition on the global stage. Our dedication to pushing boundaries and raising the bar is reflected in the acknowledgements we’ve received, affirming our standing as leaders in our field.

International Mountain Biking Hall of Fame

In 2015, our very own Glen Jacobs etched a unique mark in the annals of mountain biking history. As the sole Australian ever honoured with induction into the prestigious Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in Marin, California, USA, Glen's tireless commitment and unrivalled contributions to the sport have rightly earned global acclaim.

Cycling Australia Hall of Fame

Glen Jacobs' exceptional contribution to cycling didn't go unnoticed in his home country either. In 2018, he was welcomed into the prestigious Cycling Australia Hall of Fame. A tribute reserved for Australia's cycling legends. This recognition solidifies Glen's place among the titans of Australian cycling.

Specialized Soil Searching Ambassador Program

Our head trail building team members have been awarded sponsored partnerships with leading international bicycle brand Specialized, we're one of only a few Australians on their Soil Searching Ambassador Program

Destination development

Creating unforgettable destinations

We’re about creating experiences and, more importantly, transforming destinations. With our trailblazing spirit and a knack for innovation, we’ve expanded our reach beyond mere trail construction. We are proud pioneers in Destination Development, a unique service we’ve honed to perfection, fondly termed “Trail Towns”.

Our Destination Model serves as our blueprint in this transformative journey. This comprehensive tool uses six key criteria, each with several layers, to thoroughly evaluate the potential social, economic, and tourism benefits a trail network could bring to a location. It’s a holistic approach beyond just trails—it’s about nurturing communities, stimulating economies, and putting towns on the global mountain biking map.


The journey behind our success

Our journey started with Glen Jacobs, the first professional race track designer ever contracted by the UCI. His innovative designs and pioneering work on dual slalom and 4-cross tracks revolutionised the sport. When Glen’s inventive spirit met Dylan’s keen business acumen, the result was a dynamic collaboration that gave birth to World Trail.

Since these humble beginnings, our team has expanded and evolved, attracting trailblazers like Gerard McHugh, Rhys Atkinson, Max Connor and Daniel Snelgrove. Each member brings a unique skill set and a shared passion for mountain biking, helping to propel our global reach and impact. Together, we’ve grown World Trail and played a pivotal role in steering the course of mountain biking itself. As trail architects, we’ve contributed to its emergence as a globally recognised and cherished sport. This is more than a business for us—it’s a journey of passion, innovation, and a deep love for the trails.

Our achievements are not just milestones but a testament to our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of trail design and construction. As you explore our trail-building legacy, we invite you to envision the endless possibilities that await your project.