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Shaping unforgettable experiences through consultation.

Collaborative & Informed Approach

Insightful Consultation for Tailored Outcomes

Creating the ideal trail experience is a complex art that requires a deep understanding of numerous factors. It’s about connecting people with nature, but it’s also about fostering a sense of community, understanding usage trends, and incorporating safety and sustainability measures. It’s a balance between pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and respecting the limits of the natural environment. We’re not just trail designers – we’re adventurers at heart. This allows us to see beyond the blueprints and deeply understand the unique needs of every project.

Our consultation process is the foundation upon which we build this understanding. It’s a collaborative journey that involves getting to know you, your vision, and your community. We delve into the specifics of current and emerging trends in safety, environmental sustainability, and trail usage, bringing our decades of industry experience into play. This isn’t about delivering a one-size-fits-all solution – it’s about crafting a trail experience specifically tailored to your needs, landscape, and community. Our consultation experts are committed to creating a shared vision that will guide the project from initial concept to final construction, ensuring an outcome that exceeds expectations.


Comprehensive Consultation Services

Our holistic consultation services cover everything from feasibility studies and site assessments to marketing strategies and event development. These carefully curated services ensure that your trail network project seamlessly evolves from an idea to a celebrated destination.

Feasibility Studies

Our expert team objectively evaluates the practicality and potential success of each project, considering factors such as environmental impact, cost, and community interest, to inform the planning process.

Site Assessment

Understanding the land is critical to creating sustainable trails. Our assessments consider everything from soil composition to topography, ensuring suitability for trail construction or development.

Destination Audits

We go beyond aesthetics, evaluating the overall appeal and effectiveness of a trail network or destination. This includes access to amenities, trail variety, and overall user experience.

Trail Planning

With a keen understanding of user needs, environmental factors, and safety requirements, we develop strategic trail designs and management plans that are both innovative and feasible.

Trail Auditing

We conduct in-depth evaluations of existing trails, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring the quality and safety of each trail meets our rigorous standards.

Signage Plans

Navigating a trail network should be straightforward and stress-free. Our effective signage plans provide clear guidance for users, enhancing their overall trail experience.

Engineering Services - Environmental & Civil

Sustainability and safety are at the heart of our work. Our engineering expertise ensures trail development adheres to environmental standards and safe civil engineering practices.

Event Attraction & Development

We believe trails should bring communities together. Our team develops and implements events designed to attract visitors, highlight trail networks, and promote the benefits to local communities.

Marketing & Promotion

With strategic marketing and promotional strategies, we increase awareness and usage of trail networks, driving visitor numbers and boosting local economies.

GIS Asset Management

Our use of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology provides an unparalleled view of trail networks and assets, supporting effective and efficient management.