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Skills Parks

The ultimate playground for mastering mountain biking skills.

Inspiring individuals & shaping communities

Innovation Meets Sustainability

Every journey to biking mastery begins somewhere, and Skills Parks provide the ideal launch pad. Over the past decade, we’ve crafted numerous mountain bike trail skills parks and biking playground facilities. As mountain biking’s popularity surges, we’re at the forefront, delivering spaces where riders can confidently boost their biking skills in a safe, controlled environment.

We’re not just building parks; we’re nurturing the future of mountain biking. Our extensive research and development efforts are focused on creating sustainable Skills Parks that can be integrated seamlessly into community spaces nationwide. By designing with the future in mind, we’re ensuring our parks serve generations of riders to come.

Nationwide reach

Our footprint extends across Australia. We’ve designed and constructed Skills Parks in Sydney, Mt Buller, Adelaide, Atherton, Trentham, and Torquay, bringing world-class biking facilities to riders nationwide.

No two sites are the same, which is why we craft custom designs that maximise the unique characteristics of each location. We take into account the ability of the identified user groups, cost considerations, and user functionality, offering a tailored approach that reflects your needs. We value the power of collaboration. Wherever possible, we work with local materials and contractor services to ensure our clients get the best value and to foster community involvement throughout the design and construction process.

All-Round Development Expertise

We manage all aspects of Skills Park development

Navigating the creation of a Skills Park is a multi-faceted journey. From the spark of an initial idea to the roll of tyres on a finished track, we’re by your side every step of the way. Our team’s extensive experience and knowledge allow us to manage every aspect of Skills Park development, ensuring a smooth transition from concept to reality.


Our consultation process is a vital first step in creating a Skills Park. It's here where we gain insight into your vision, your site's specific characteristics, and the community's needs. We support you in selecting the optimal site, developing initial concept designs, engaging with community and stakeholders, and estimating costs. This robust process helps us create a custom plan tailored to the unique needs of each project.


Equipped with state-of-the-art technology like RTK site surveying and 2D/3D CAD modelling, we ensure our designs are grounded in precision and excellence. Our process encompasses detailed design engineering, including drainage planning and custom track obstacle development. Every aspect of the design, down to the materials selected and signage design, is carefully curated to ensure it aligns with Australian Standards and client expectations.


Our team provides project management and civil engineering support, implements civil drainage solutions, manages subcontractors, and carries out soil compaction testing. We employ techniques like civil pavement construction and bulk earthworks to shape the land, ensuring the final result is a functional, aesthetically pleasing Skills Park. Performance testing and as-constructed engineering certification provide the final assurance of our work's quality and safety.

Journey through our trail building legacy

Our accomplishments: Explore our past projects

Witness the magic we bring to our projects first-hand. Below, you’ll find links to our completed Skills Park projects, each an example of our commitment to delivering spaces where biking skills and confidence grow. Each park embodies our passion for sustainable design and community collaboration, ensuring a space that integrates seamlessly into its environment while serving the needs of riders of all levels. Dive in and explore how we’re helping to elevate mountain biking across Australia.