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Barron Falls Walking Track

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Project overview

Our work on The Barron Falls Walking Track stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of conscientious engineering and environmental preservation. Carved through the venerable canopy of a World Heritage-listed rainforest, this path gently unfolds to reveal the awe-inspiring majesty of Barron Falls – a jewel in the crown of Tropical North Queensland.

During the construction of this meandering track, our commitment to ecological stewardship guided every decision. The result is a walking experience that offers visitors an intimate encounter with the region’s ancient flora and fauna while minimising human impact. The path not only provides stunning views of the cascading waters but also serves as a silent narrator, telling the timeless story of the rainforest’s lush grandeur. It’s here that nature’s voice takes precedence, and the roar of the falls becomes a powerful reminder of the natural world’s enduring splendour.

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Showcasing our legacy

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