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Ison Park Pump Track

Ison Park Pump Track
Showcasing our legacy

Project overview

The Ison Park Pump Track has emerged as the latest gem in Logan City Council’s crown, transforming a once-overlooked patch of land into a vibrant hub for the community. At World Trail, we had the privilege of steering this project from its initial vision to the nitty-gritty of design and construction. Our early conversations blossomed into comprehensive plans for an adventurous offroad bike track and a sleek asphalt pump track meticulously tailored to the site’s unique potential.

Navigating through the design phase with an eye for detail and community spirit, we consulted thoroughly with the council and the community, setting the stage for a construction journey filled with anticipation. The baton was then passed to Landscape Solutions, our chosen collaborator, to bring these plans to life amidst the trials of tricky soil conditions and the usual surprises that construction work unveils.

Despite the obstacles, the fruits of our labour speak volumes—a welcoming, dynamic space that beckons to beginner and intermediate riders alike. The Ison Park Pump Track is a testament to our capability to overcome construction challenges and a beacon of community and skill development, a compact yet impactful addition to the local landscape that redefines outdoor fun and engagement.

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Showcasing our legacy

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