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DM Henderson Skills Track

DM Henderson Skills Track
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The Mountain Bike Playground at D.M. Henderson Park in Macgregor, Brisbane, represents a pivotal shift in urban outdoor recreation, masterfully blending modern design with community needs. Once a neglected site of deteriorating dirt jumps, this area has been reborn through insightful community consultations and the visionary expertise of World Trail. Recognising the evolving demands for urban mountain bike experiences, Brisbane City Council entrusted us to reimagine and revitalise this space, marrying functionality with low-maintenance innovation.

Our approach transformed 1500m² of underused land into a vibrant mountain biking hub, seamlessly integrated with an existing Asphalt Pump Track to offer a comprehensive outdoor adventure spot. Catering to a broad spectrum of riders, from novices seeking to build confidence to seasoned enthusiasts chasing a new thrill, our design introduces five distinct riding ‘lines’. Originating from a central start mound, these lines loop back, inviting endless exploration and skill development guided by Auscycling’s Trail Difficulty Rating.

The incorporation of galvanised steel-framed obstacles, complemented by hardwood timber decking, ensures durability and enhances the aesthetic appeal. Embracing a ‘mowing free’ philosophy, the playground is adorned with local rock, flora, and mulch, echoing the community’s desire for a sustainable, low-maintenance facility. This project stands as a testament to World Trail’s commitment to fostering community engagement, promoting healthy lifestyles, and enhancing urban landscapes through innovative mountain biking solutions.

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Showcasing our legacy

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