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Blue Derby Pump Track

Blue Derby Pump Track
Showcasing our legacy

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Marking a milestone in Australian cycling, the Blue Derby Pump Track became the nation’s inaugural asphalt jumps and pump track, melding the timeless appeal of dirt jumps with the innovative, inclusive asphalt design. This pioneering project, nestled in the picturesque town of Derby for the Dorset Shire Council, spans a generous 2,800m2, with 800m2 dedicated to the sleek asphalt that welcomes wheels of all kinds.

Strategically located to bridge the town with its surrounding natural beauty, including a serene lake and bustling trails, the Blue Derby Pump Track stands as a communal haven. It caters to everyone – from the exuberant energy of youth to the seasoned wisdom of age, from those taking their first tentative ride to the experts carving the asphalt with precision. This track has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of Derby’s world-class mountain biking culture, becoming a focal point for community life and an iconic feature in global marketing efforts, proudly bearing the “Blue Derby” emblem as a testament to its integral role in the town’s transformation and identity.

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Showcasing our legacy

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