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Mossman Pump Track

Mossman Pump Track
Showcasing our legacy

Project overview

In the heart of Mossman, for the Douglas Shire Council, we brought to life the Crocodile Pump Track. This project harmoniously blends local culture with outdoor activity across a 2,000m2 construction space featuring 400m2 of sleek asphalt. This unique venture began with an engaging and creative consultation process, particularly involving school children from the local community, who were presented with two animal-themed designs. The choice was unanimous: the crocodile, a revered local emblem, was selected to be immortalised in this adventurous space.

Leveraging the latest pump track technology, our team carefully crafted a design that honoured the crocodile theme and elevated the user experience with a series of continuous rollers and berms. The result? A vibrant, crocodile-inspired track that offers a thrilling ride, skate, or scoot experience, making it a beloved new addition to the community. It’s not just a track; it’s an invitation to glide across the back of a giant painted crocodile, igniting the imaginations of both the young and the young at heart and creating a focal point of joy and excitement in Mossman.

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Showcasing our legacy

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