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Høgevarde, nestled above the enchanting town of Flå, isn’t just a site for our latest project—it’s a canvas, drenched in nature’s beauty, waiting for our touch.

Surrounded by the sheer magnitude of mountain lakes and cascading waterfalls, it promises to be more than just another trail; it’s a marriage of natural wonder and crafted precision. As we carve paths through this splendid terrain, the ever-changing palette of rock slabs and chocolate-cake-like soil reminds us of renowned spots like Bellingham, Washington, and even Squamish.

But Høgevarde stands out, not just for its breathtaking scenery but for its vision. Unlike traditional sites where biking trails come as an afterthought, here at Høgevarde, mountain biking has been integrated from the onset. While the area transforms into an extravagant ski resort in winter, our mission remains steadfast in collaboration with the locals—to craft trails that seamlessly blend with the resort’s ski runs, elevating both experiences.

Our founder, Glen Jacobs, reflects that our involvement in Høgevarde is more than a project; it’s a testament to our legacy in trail building, championing the craft in all its intricate nuances, and sharing this passion with the world.

Photos Credit:

  • Hunnalvatn Media
  • Lars Storheim, Hallingdal Rides
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Showcasing our legacy

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