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St Helens

St Helens
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St Helens, Tasmania, is more than just a region; it’s a tapestry of natural wonders, from pristine beaches and red rocks to fern-laden valleys.

We’re not just building trails here but crafting adventures that weave through this ever-changing landscape. As we shape the dirt, we’re also meticulously designing town linkages, shuttle points, and trailheads. Imagine hitting a trail and ending up at a cosy café or a top-notch fishing spot, all within a quick ride.

Our efforts sync perfectly with the vibe of this iconic Northern Tasmanian fishing village, blending the thrill of the ride with the comforts of local amenities. And let’s not forget—St Helens is practically next door to the award-winning Blue Derby network. Together, they’re poised to become the ultimate MTB destination, not just in Tassie but on the world stage.

Photos Credit: Matt Staggs

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Showcasing our legacy

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