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Fuller Park Pump Track

Fuller Park Pump Track
Showcasing our legacy

Project overview

The Fuller Park Pump Track stands as a groundbreaking project, marking Australia’s first foray into the realm of asphalt pump tracks. This pioneering venture set the stage for a burgeoning movement, with similar tracks now being designed and constructed nationwide, revolutionising recreational spaces with their cost-effective appeal and community benefits.

Located in Edmonton for the Cairns Regional Council, this design and construction project spanned a total area of 1,000m2, with 350m2 of that dedicated to smooth, durable asphalt. It was the result of a visionary collaboration between World Trail, Cairns Regional Council, and FGF Bitumen, all united by the goal of setting a new standard for community spaces. The Fuller Park Pump Track has provided a model for integrating asphalt pump tracks into both urban and regional settings across Australia. Still, it has also showcased its potential to energise and transform communities, creating inclusive, dynamic spaces for everyone to enjoy.

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Showcasing our legacy

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