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Stromlo Forest Park – Canberra

Stromlo Forest Park – Canberra
Showcasing our legacy

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After the devastating bushfires of 2003, which left the ACT’s landscape scarred and the historic Mt Stromlo Observatory in ashes, a vision for renewal emerged. What was once a cherished but informal biking haunt was reimagined by the ACT government into the multi-disciplinary, world-class Stromlo Forest Park. World Trail was at the forefront of this transformation, tasked with sculpting a network of thrilling downhill and cross-country trails in collaboration with notable figures like Stephen Hodge and Robert de Castella. This collective effort was aimed at creating a seamless recreational oasis.

As Stromlo Forest Park began to take shape, our vision expanded, inspired by the park’s burgeoning potential. We championed the ambitious goal for Stromlo to become a stage for the UCI Mountain Biking World Cup and World Championships—a dream that, through relentless planning and collaboration, was realised as Stromlo Forest Park proudly hosted these prestigious events in 2008 and 2009. This journey from ashes to international acclaim is a testament to the power of visionary collaboration and the enduring spirit of the biking community.

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Showcasing our legacy

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