Mountain Bike Trail

George Town Hero

George Town

George Town, Tasmania is blossoming into a mountain biking utopia, where diverse, dynamic trails intertwine with rich culture, vibrant local life, and the untamed beauty of serene landscapes, offering riders an unparalleled journey through adventure and natural allure.


Amidst Høgevarde’s cascade of lakes and waterfalls, we’re sculpting Norway’s largest trail network, where nature’s raw beauty meets unparalleled craftsmanship.

St Helens

St Helens is more than just a region; it’s a tapestry of natural wonders, from pristine beaches and red rocks to fern-laden valleys.

Blue Derby

With over 120km of purpose-built mountain bike trails completed, Blue Derby is now synonymous around Australia as the premier mountain bike tourism destination…

Mt Buller

Mt Buller, developed by us, boasts over 50km of unique alpine MTB trails and holds several prestigious accolades, including an IMBA Epic status…

Hidden Vale

A private retreat boasting 100km of MTB trails catering to all levels, offers a unique cross-country riding experience amidst nature’s beauty…


This hidden jewel of Far North Queensland, offers a mix of accessible trails spanning 55km, suited for all riders, amidst the mesmerising tablelands…


Smithfield, the heart of Aussie MTB, is a historic jungle biking venue known for hosting multiple World Cup rounds and World Championships, reviving its glory in recent years…

Falls Creek

Falls Creek Ski Resort, a rising star in Australian MTB with a blend of breathtaking vistas, challenging trails and recent World Trail upgrades, is swiftly becoming a riders’ bucket list essential…